“Heikkilä’s violin radiated warmth in the lower register and opened brightly in the upper register, as it wandered in the endlessly flowing legato of the evening. The round technique infused with vibrato emphasised the romantic nature of the works. The middle register sang in an enchantingly austere manner. Heikkilä’s precise plucking here and there brought a refreshing change to the overall sound.”


“The duo radiated confidence and effortlessness. Communication worked. Lili Boulanger’s Notturno drifted in the air dreamily. Heikkilä and Gröndahl raised it into a strong contour that quickly faded away. The duo had picked two of some of Claude Debussy’s hits, Beau Soir and Clair de Lune. Powerfully they entwined the wonderfully whimsical contours of Debussy’s melodic continuums with timeless mystery.”


“Francis Poulenc’s Sonata for Violin and Piano represented the more fickle part of the evening. The music strutted boisterously. At times Heikkilä and Gröndahl stopped to listen but soon sallied again. Even amidst the capricious frenzy of the momentum the duo managed to maintain their balance and uniformity. In all, a seamless and balanced act.”


“It was like carefully served finger food: small and easy to digest, yet sufficiently filling. Thus the balance between the duration of the concert and the hearty, delightful music itself was nigh perfect.”

(Hämeen Sanomat 6.6.2015)


“Original Stradivarius enchanted in church concert.”

“It took no more than the first few notes of the violin for the listener to realise what they are hearing is unique. The strong, yet soft and colourful sound of the Stradivarius played by Heikkilä captivated the audience from beginning to end.”

“Heikkilä began with solo violin by performing Fritz Kreisler’s composition Recitativo and Scherzo. The beginning was like talking to the audience, while the final part inspired her to play with the violin’s various characteristics.”

 “In Dryads and Pan, Heikkilä displayed the whole splendour of the Stradivarius’ characteristics, including Pan’s pipe, dark as well as bright tones ­– pure magic of the violin.”

 “Richard Strauss’ Sonata for Violin and Piano, E-flat major billowed out the whole spectrum of romance in one stunning burst. There was a rotation of the despairs and joys of love as well as storm and calm free of doubt.”

 “The violin’s singing characteristics truly bloomed. Hearing Stradivarius live in such skilled hands is a rare experience. It was heaven for the listener.”

 “Each Stradivarius is an individual and it takes a virtuoso to bring out its brilliance. Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä succeeded in evoking it!”

(Kangasalan Sanomat 25.10.2013)


”Toivo Kuula with all the trimmings: Duo Teos performed Kuula's fervently pathetic melodies and melancholic folk arrangements with great consideration, empathy and passion. The striking harmony charmed the experience into a real “art explosion”.

  (Satakunnan Kansa 29.8.2014)


Heikkilä proved with her emphatic and technically smooth performance why she’s one the most interesting Finnish violinists today.”

(Huvudstadsbladet 10.6.2014)


"Based on folk exhibits, Bartok Violin Concerto (..) is certainly difficult to play for the soloist. But Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä had no problems. From the beginning to the end she was playing the solo passages on brilliant and dissonance rich manner."

(Borgåbladet 18.9.2013)


"Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä dazzled in Barotok's 2nd Violin Concerto. The music was strongly influenced from folk music and the violin part is extremely virtuosic and demanding, rapidly changing tempos and moods lead to the extreme. A stunning performance!"

(Itä-Savo 27.7.2013)


"..or Vivaldi’s concerto for two violins Op.3 No.2, as concert masters Julie Eskær and Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä tensed up between madness and violent theatrical pauses of heartfelt thoughtfulness.”

(Politiken 16.6.2013)


"This is a piece that gets even more seasoned professionals to sweat, but the youthful SE quartet was not to be affected thereby, but outperformed with the Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä ‘s shimmering clear violin tone as the leading star in an impressive Messiaen interpretation."

(Huvudstadsbladet 23.12.2012)

"The orchestra's own concertmaster corresponded for a suggestive and pure interpretation of Beethoven's violin concerto. Her smooth tone sparkled in height and was balm to the ear. In addition a great tribute to both soloist and conductor for a lyrical and seamless interaction with wide dynamic scale, ranging from tonal depth nerve to sweet, bright luster."

(Vasabladet 16.9.2012)


"And Heikkilä's Stradivarius sang deep, under the skin."

(Pohjalainen, 14.9.2012)

“Heikkilä and Gröndahl threw themselves into the torrent and broad flow of melody, which had an almost infectious effect. ...  Kreeta-Julia Heikkiläs Stradivari sparkled in a singing manner and played delicately with the rhythm."

(Helsingin Sanomat, 23.10.2011)


"Heikkilä played Sibelius' Violin Concerto showing insightfulness in cantilene. She honoured the opening theme which is one of the major themes in concerto works."

(Helsingin Sanomat, 26.10.2010)


"Heikkilä is a confident musician and the violin played beautifully cantilene."

(Savon Sanomat 11.1.2010)


"A lyrical talented violinist! ... The soloist violin sound with lyrical beauty and was rich in nuances in Beethoven Violin Concerto."

(Helsingin Sanomat, 7.12.2008)